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Below we list the booking rules of Anna Andreas Zielinski Apartments.
By booking the room each Customer confirms that they have read and accept the booking rules.
Booking - The apartment may be booked either by completing the booking form available at or by calling. The booking is confirmed when the Customer pays the advance fee amounting to 20% of the booking price to the bank account indicated on our website. We will confirmed each booking via return email within 24 hours from the moment of placing the booking. Bookings placed on Friday after 17:00, on Saturday and Sunday will be confirmed on Monday. The shortest booking period is 1 day.
Prices - The payment for renting the apartment is split into two parts. The first amounts to 20% of the total rental price and is due via bank transfer not later than 3 days from the time of receiving booking confirmation and not later than the arrival day.
Notice - in case the apartment is booked just for 1 day the advance payment amounts to 100% of the price. Lack of payment in the above specified time means that the Customer cancelled the booking and withdrew from the rental agreement. The Customer is obliged to pay the remaining 90% of payment on the first day of their stay at the apartment. Payment must be made by bank transfer or cash. Costs of bank transfers are covered by the Customer. No additional payment is charged for children below 5 years provided that the Customer delivers such information when making the booking.
How to cancel the booking? The booking may be cancelled only in writing i.e. via email. In case the booking is cancelled 15 days before the expected arrival date the advance payment is returned however the Customer is charged 10% of the advance payment as the cost of handling such operation. In case the booking is cancelled later than 15 days before the arrival the advance payment is not returned. After arrival to the apartment the Customer cannot shorten the stay. The Customer is requested to pay for the entire stay corresponding to the booking, at the moment of arriving to the apartment.
Transfer of the booking to another person - The Customer may transfer all the rights resulting from the booking to another person at any time, provided that such person accepts all obligations resulting from the booking. In such case it is necessary to inform us about the change and provide the contact data of the new Customer (first and last name, phone number and email address).
Arrival. Check in. Check out. Other information - The Customer will contact the person in charge of the key to the apartment at the latest an hour before the arrival to the apartment. In case the Customer is unable to arrive at the specified time He/She is requested to immediately contact the person in charge of the key to the apartment. Moreover the Customer is obliged to pay the amount indicated at the booking confirmation even if the arrival is delayed or the stay is shortened due to the reasons independent of the Customer (personal reasons, communication difficulties, strikes, etc.). Due to security reasons the Customer is requested to show his Identification Card or another personal identification document and fill in the check in form at the moment of arriving to the apartment. Check in begins at 14:00 on the arrival day. Check out ends at 11:00 on the day of departure.
Travelling with animals - Cats are not accepted at our apartments. Other animals are accepted upon prior notice and agreement of the owner of the apartment.
Customer’s obligations - The number of persons who can stay at the apartment is specified in the offer and cannot be bigger than the number indicated in the check in form. The Customer is obliged to inform us by phone and in writing if that number was exceeded. In such case we will offer additional beds. If the number of persons arriving to the apartment is bigger than indicated in the offer/booking confirmation, the person in charge of the keys may refuse to provide the key. If the number of inhabitants during the stay or towards the end of the stay exceeds the number indicated in the offer/booking confirmation the Customer may be charged for an additional bed even if it was not used/provided. The Customer accepts the obligation to follow the rules of friendly neighbourhood and to maintain the apartment in good condition. The Customer will inform the person in charge of the key about any damages or things missing in the apartment immediately upon the arrival to the apartment. The Customer is obliged to cover the cost of all damages, which could result from improper use of the apartment during His/Her stay.






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